I always wondered how reasonable German law really is

Firstly, I hope the headline isn’t too german because of the syntax… I hate the english sentences structure even in German it’s hard…

Secondly, yeah I am posting in english today because next week I have my exam and at the Moment I am practising myself in Writing A summary and how to write a comment. Luckily our english teachers gave us some interesting topics to write about… Based on that I did some research about the topic abortion, in Germany and here is my comment: Have fun…

In Addition: Yes, I am just posting this Essay because I have nothing interesting to read at the moment. I am sleeping, eating, doing sport and learning… and yes, I am proud of my English skills, they are not the best ones but in former times they were horrible. At this point I would like to thank Netflix for his original series… 

Let’s read:

Nowadays the rate of abortion goes more and more down. In 2014 just 99.700 women have aborted. This is three percent less than in year 2013. But many experts consider the unknown rate of illegal abortions. So, can we assume based on this high unknown number that our healthcare system for birth control isn’t as great as everybody supposes? Should it be improved or not?

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Dear Mr. Salinger

Dear Mr. Salinger,

I know you’re dead for 5 years, but maybe the letter will be send to you by god or Jesus. However I would like to thank you for writing The catcher in the rye. I had to read it in my English lesson, reading in class is not my favourite thing to do and to read such classic books isn’t not my cup of tea too. Nevertheless I must tell you that this book is one of my favourites books now. Especially in English, really. Maybe it sounds hypocritical but in German Holden’s informal language annoyed me, It’s strange what language is able to change, isn’t it?

The best example is Holden. At the beginning I had the opinion he will be one of these pessimistic, lazy protagonists that are complaining about everything. But in the course of the story I learned that Holden is just a teenager who won’t become an adult. Like me. I understand Holden really well. I’ve never to change school or have a brother or sister, but sometimes my flatmates are also so a little bit touchy. To do conservations with people who are not real friends or do school work that doesn’t seem important. It doesn’t interest anybody except the teachers. The worse part is to feel like a extraterrestrial creature that is not grown up on this planet like the others.

This book helped me to deal with my life at the moment. Despite the simple history but three days can be a long time and in these three books days the reader gets impressions of his old teenagertime. I am sure many people hat the same problems like Holden without the hospital.

On the other side there is one thing I don’t understand. Why do you created Sally like she is? I mean she’s just the opposite of Holden. I know she was fallen in love at him, but why Holden wanted to drive away. I know you’re a very good writer why you create that‘ so stereotypical. I mean, I hope there’s none in the world that’s so stereotypical… I would like to know why Sally hat not get an issue in her character. An issue that doesn’t seem like the beautiful, dump, teenage girl.

Additionally I wanted to say that I would like to have a sister like Phoebe. She’s great. I like her. I have the feeling that she’s not one of the other persons on Holden’s world.She really loves Holden. There fore I love the scene where Holden waited of Phoebe to bid her good-bye. It’s very corny but she reacted like a real little sister would. It’s just so realistic.

To sum up I like to thank you again. I think you were a very good writer. Have a nice time in heaven. Keep on writing, if you can

Yours sincerely,

Little supporter in mind.