I always wondered how reasonable German law really is

Firstly, I hope the headline isn’t too german because of the syntax… I hate the english sentences structure even in German it’s hard…

Secondly, yeah I am posting in english today because next week I have my exam and at the Moment I am practising myself in Writing A summary and how to write a comment. Luckily our english teachers gave us some interesting topics to write about… Based on that I did some research about the topic abortion, in Germany and here is my comment: Have fun…

In Addition: Yes, I am just posting this Essay because I have nothing interesting to read at the moment. I am sleeping, eating, doing sport and learning… and yes, I am proud of my English skills, they are not the best ones but in former times they were horrible. At this point I would like to thank Netflix for his original series… 

Let’s read:

Nowadays the rate of abortion goes more and more down. In 2014 just 99.700 women have aborted. This is three percent less than in year 2013. But many experts consider the unknown rate of illegal abortions. So, can we assume based on this high unknown number that our healthcare system for birth control isn’t as great as everybody supposes? Should it be improved or not?

If we are looking on the rules and laws about abortion in Germany we can be sure that it seems very safe and through out. Every part of pregnancy case is  treated and written down with is own solutions. One of the most important thin for every pregnant mother is that she can use the pregnancy crisis advices and the abortion itself anonymous, also the special advisers for woman and men are free like the abortion itself when the mother fulfil one of the indicators (medicine or psychological failures) or can’t effort enough money and a visit at the crises advice centrum is a duty, which had to be confirmed by the director of the centre.

As mentioned before the pregnancy crises advise centrum is for both partners completely free and compulsory. There the family or just the mother or father can get more information about abortion and better solutions, which are less radical. The educators are special psychologist, who try to enlighten and explain the pros and cons for abortion. Even if the women still wants to abort the social workers will help her in the future. For example with addresses of official specialised doctors or mental health care.

When we have a closer look the therapist at the information centre help with special meeting, which should help both partners to talk about their point of view and doubts if they don’t agree each other about the fetus.

In my opinion I wouldn’t change the period specified of the legal abortion in the first twelve weeks. I think in the first three months it is easier to abort because the hormones aren’t often as strong as in the last months of pregnancy and the fetus isn’t embryonic.

In the point of medical estimates especially about the psychological condition, every mother should be pledged to do an psychological test before and after the determination of her pregnancy.

Much more controversial is the aspect of abortion under 18 years.

According to german law over 14 years old mothers are able to abort without the permission of their parents. On the one hand it is great that maybe religious raised children have the possibility to escape huge family dramas on the other hand it is difficult to decide if a 14 years old teenager is mature enough to deal with such a hard decision. I think in such a case not just the gynaecologist should decide what to do, I would appreciate it if several psychological test would be a required.

In a nutshell you can say that Germany has a very great liberal system of abortion, which isn’t self-evident. For example there is a special law for ending up a pregnancy if the twelfth week is over.

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      1. Da hab ich doch ein wenig drüber nachgedacht :-) . Klar, Russisch hab ich gelernt, kann aber nix mehr und das waren immerhin 7 Jahre. Auf englisch verständigen klappt, weil ich sabbel, wie mir der Schnabel gewachsen ist und zusätzlich hat man ja Finger zum zeigen und noch einige Möglichkeiten mehr. An einen Film oder ne Serie trau ich mich mittlerweile auch, finde das auch nicht schwer. ABER ich lese anders, als andere Menschen. Und ich glaube, dass das der Casus Knacktus ist. Meine family behauptet frech, ich würde scannen, nicht lesen ;-), so ganz unrecht haben die damit nicht und wer das erste Mal meine Lesegeschwindigkeit wahrnimmt ist geschockt, weil er nur ein Bruchteil von dem schafft, was ich in derselben Zeit bewältige. Jetzt zu denken, dass das oberflächliches Lesen ist, stimmt jedoch nicht, da ich meist Fachbücher vor der Nase hab und immer weiß, auf welchen Seiten und Abschnitten ich WAS gelesen habe. Mein Hirn arbeitet da anscheinend anders. Und das wird eben das Problem mit englischen Texten sein, dass dabei erst Wort für Wort gelesen werden müßte, um es entsprechend zu übersetzen. Das „funzt“ so eben bei mir nicht. Anders wäre es, wenn ich vorlese (also laut), was ich jedoch sehr ungern tue ;-) . Ist schon witzig, danke fürs bewusstmachen und den Link guck ich mir jetzt an. Liebe Grüße <3

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      2. Oh das Problem kannte ich… Geholfen haben tatsächlich Bücher, die es gar nicht auf deutsch gab oder eben Serien mit Untertiteln schauen, besonders Dr. House…

        Von schnellem Lesen kann ich allerdings nur träumen, das Schnellste was ich jemals geschafft habe waren hundert Seiten in 60 Minuten. Das Buch war so spannend!! Aber man muss ja auch nicht Lesen als Arbeit verstehen, deshalb bin ich auch ganz froh das ich länger in Buchuniversen verweilen darf.


  1. I agree, but to my knowledge these centers are NOT compulsory. I don’t think it’s ok, that 14 year old mothers can abort without their parents knowing. I’ve read so many articles how horrifying an abortion is and many women need therapy. How could a kid deal with it?

    Interesting article! BTW you noticed yourself that the heading has a mistake ;-)

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    1. If someone would like to abort legal, she should go to such an center… or anothor docor has to weite a special permission…

      I read so many articles about gitls who planned an abortion canceled in the last second and get the baby… And zhey all say it was their best decsion and I think… a familiy crisis isn’t as funny or easy as it sounds. And it is always possible the child can get help from many institutions…

      Ps: It would be very polite from you if you would help me to correct my mistake in my headline :D I don’t have an single idea, what I should change…

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      1. But please let me know if you’re under any kind of time pressure because I’m traveling right now and don’t have access to email all the time;-)

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      2. I am not under any time pressure, today I wrote my last english exam for this school year… Feel free. I will sent it to you when I have time. Maybe today or tomorrow, I will see


      3. ups classical misunderstanding;-) how fast do you need it back? I won’t be on a computer the next two days so Monday night will be probably my first opportunity to look at it;-)

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      4. Exactly, except the child would like to quit school with no plan and wants to become a punk^^ I would get mad as a parent, but I would search for the reason in a talk from face to face….


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