Sisterhood Blog Award #2


First of all, thank you for the nomination flowermaid. I hope I answered to your questions as you want it. For all the other people outside there. I hope you can understand english, and I am not a native speaker so my isn’t very well. Exuse me. I tried my best.

1. Who would you like to be, accept you?

If I were wise, I would chose a happy, intelligent and popular character. No worries at all, but c’mon that would be very bouring wouldn’t?

The second oppurtunity is to wish that I could be the art professor, who expelled Hitler from his dream university would be the best for the worlds history… But it’s my wish and I suppose when Hitler wouldn’t exicst like the insane man the world had be another leader.

Just as well I would like to switch brains with Einstein. I am really interested in how his brain worked. However my biggest dreams are: To be either a Marid/Jann from the novel children of the lamp. I still miss Mr. Rakshasa… or to be Tensing from the novel „Im Reich des Goldenen Drachen“. A very wise, friendly and also very dangerous shaoilinmonk, who fights with an human eagle, human panther and the prince of the kingdom against a varmit smugglerorder.

2. Are you a passionate bathroom singer?

You mean under the shower? No, I don’t like singing at all. I had to sing since the second class because my class theacher was the master of our school choir. Since thos awful years I hate singing. I dont know why. I love to speak, but I hate singing. I prefere to dance, no not breakdance that would be very difficult under the shower. I try to dance Hula,  the traditional dance from hawaii. But I am really bad at it. I only moves I can dance are the sunrise and the wave.

3. If you could be an editor, which kind of journal would you create?

I journal for teenagers, like the yuno. A magazine about politics, books, documentations, how to save the world in any ways, story abou „making a difference“ and of course a column about how parents get on our nerves.

In a nutshel: A mix of Geo, GeoEpoche, Welt am Sonntag and Freitag

4. Imagine, your physical appearance would change… As which animal you would show off

Real animal: I don’t know why, but in the moment I want to be a flying squirrel. I mean you can fly everywere, you are cute and you can fly and climbing up and down trees, be night active and you can sleep in trees. For me an absolutely amazing live.

Mythical animal: I would definitly love to be Long. For everybody who doesn’t know what a long ist (what you don’t know it! Shame on you!). A long (he is also called Draco Orientalis) is one of the most populare kind of dragons. They live in big caves, which were sourrounded by rivers or lakes. Sometimes the cave is under water… During they collecting gems for their dragon treasure the female dragons carrys always theire egg around very carefully. They are 13 metres long and 4 to 5 metres high. Theire scurf could be blue, black, white, red green or even yellow. Often Longs are very popular in the chinese or asia culture. Asian people think that these dragons are kind of gods and they praise them because they thought that some dragons can made rain and storms. Also they loved to have an own dragon at the kings palace. They can have three, for or five toes.

That means:

Three toes: japanese Long

For toes: indonasia or korean Long,

Five toes: chinese or imperial dragon

The don’t have any wings, and the soviete is splitted. Many people suppose Longs are like snakes. The crawled about, but some scientist think they were able to fly by themself and the up and down winds.

To sum up:

I would be a wild dragon in china maybe with a few humans at my cave. I can cummunicate, fly, hunt, have babys, be praised and I can live a friendly and hormially live. With or without the strength to flying. I do love dragons. I would say I am obserevd with them.

Alien: Leonapteryx

The very big Raptor from James Cameroon’s Avatar. I hate the movie (execept the optic) the story is absolutely useless but i love the planet pandora and the habitants. These cute little kind of fairys in german they are called „Waldgeister“ (I think in english it’s called spirit) and the Tanator or Hammerkopf are so gorgeos. but my avourite animal is the Leonapteryx. James Cameroon role model for this „bird“ was the seeeagle who lives in north america but I mean… He is gorgeous isn’t he? 25 meteres long an 25 feet wingspan… He is the king of the planet!

Dead animal: Plesiosaurus (the video is little bit strange, because in the end I think is a Megalodon and that lives in the Pliozän not in the Oberkreide….)

To be the king of the oceans isn’t that bad I think. Also I am glad that we have just Nessie… They were way too big…

5. How about your sense of humor?

Black and I suppose intelligent. I like black humor especially satire. For me black humor isn’t South Park humor. Instead I trust in satire and intelligent black humor for example Monty Python.

6. What was the most enjoyable meal you ever had?

I have eaten so many deliscious meals. My flatmate is the best cook in the world even she hated to cook in the past. I cant’t decise but in my mind is still a special meal. It’s called Gumbo. It’s a kind of thick stew with meat or fish cooked with okrashotes but at home our gumbo constains just fish/ seafood and a lot of red lintils and mashed carrots and spicy. It‘ s easy delicious and it doesn’t take very long to make instead of the filled paprikas they are so delicious too but take so long same for the baked apples to christmas.

7. Do you like gardening?

Let me be honest. I love sitting in the garden at good weather. But I hate gardening… I can’t differentiate between beautiful flowers and weed. So I were the dead for ery garden. I am more the person, who loves to break down halls with a sledgehammer.

8. I do love Bollywoodfilms how about you?

It depends. Many of them are very nice to watch, but sometimes they are too long. Nevertheless I love the dancing parts, the sometimes strange songs and even Sharu Kahn. He is one of the actors who dies very good looking.

9. Someone ask you to appearance on a TV-Show. Which one would you prefere?

I suppose TV-Show means a Talkshow, or a diffrent kind of show? Anyway I will answer to both questions.

If would be invited to an international TV-Show, I would definitly choose the Ellen Degeneres Show. She has a great sense of humor and seems to be very intelligent.

If I could choose a different quiz show, I would choose that one with the blond moderator. I don’t know his name or the name from his show, but it was a quiz show about geography… The prices for each question were in a siuticase, which were faded in bevor the question was asked.

And my favourite series  I always wanted to have a guest part in is: Dr. Who, but only with the ninth doctor (Christopher Ecclestone) I am sure I wouln’t survive one second… like in the last airbender.

10. You best friend is going to mary. She ask you to be her bride maid. Whould yoe wear every dress she is going to give you?

My best friend I think would never marry, and then I could decide what I could wear. Also she knows my taste of fashion so… I would try the dress on but no I wouldn’t wear anything, which she would give to me.

My ten questions:

1. What would be your favourite place to live? (front, location, indoor architekture)

2. Your weirdest combination of food, which somebody has to try. (Combination with nutella don’t count)

3. If you had to go to the witness protection programm, how would your second life would look like?

4. Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? And for the youngsters: Candor, Amite, Altruan, Ken or Ferox?

5. The most important word in the world?

6. If your were the president, which problem would you solve first: The Nah-Ost Konflikt, the Krim- Krise or the world hunger?

7. If you had a multiple personallity dissorder, which were youre different personalitys?

8. Have you ever had an supernatural experience?

9. Beste quote from a novel, film or serie:

(10. Why are you following me?)

And the oscars… (okay, nearly) Sisterhood Award goes to:

520 Universum

Ti_Leo Meint


Lisa in Iceland


Crazy redhead perspective







32 Kommentare

  1. I read through your blog today…..I loved it especially your view of teachers ;-) anyway I think you could use some challenge in your career maybe besides creativity !

    Let’s talk another time…I’m kind of tired;-) btw I loved it ;-)

    Gefällt 1 Person

      1. I’ve seen more but her presentation was by far the best..did you see her doing an interview with President Obama, that was funny too, you could never imagine someone asking like that with Gauck or Merkel ;-)

        Gefällt 1 Person

      2. The interesting thing is, that Ellen still interviewed with a lot of respect. I miss this sometimes here compared with total loss of humor. You’re absolutely right. Did you like the Jon Stewart Show?

        Gefällt 1 Person

      3. No, I’ve never seen the daily show, but I don’t know why. In former times when I was younger My biggest guilty pleasure was to watch the Satuarday Night Life show, because of Paul Simon :D And I remember a very long Graham Northan Show because of the Dr. Who actors^^ I’ve never really understood Northon but do you recommend The J.S Show?

        Gefällt 1 Person

      4. absolutely but Jon Stewart retired recently and it’s a political show about day to day business, I don’t really know his successor. Wait a sec….I could recommend…

        Gefällt 1 Person

      5. I heard that there were some mistakes, at the moment scrups should be the most realistic medecin series, but I hate the characters…

        Know I won’t study medecin :D I can’t see blood and I hate patients and to see people dying. Not the best references… and you have to study about 13 years that’s too long for me, but I love to learn^^

        Gefällt 1 Person

      6. he is super cool and extremely smart….you can learn japanese online just for fun and later take lessons ! I like the idea of art-history… a career later in galeries or what ?

        Gefällt 1 Person

      7. I thought about you last night. What about learning chinese ? With your brains it’s a piece of cake ! And for sure you can use it later! I’ve learned in life that interests change and now you’re young and learn more easily than later. Think about it. And your ideas about life later on ;-)

        Gefällt 1 Person

      8. I would need 40.000 characters to read a book :D I have already problems with 26 letters, but maybe characters arr better than letters. I will ask my friend he’s learning chinese just for fun. What would you like to study if you can study again?

        Gefällt 1 Person

      9. maybe industrial psychology…..sounds cool to me….I have to think about it ;-)I will let you know

        btw my son is dyslexic and had no problem learning japanese because of the made it easier and fun

        Gefällt 1 Person

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